Another year and it just gets better. Congratulations to all members


Friends of Sowerby Bridge Railway Station PLATINUM 
Areas of Commendation; 
1. This is a really well organised group with everything in place that will make it sustainable for 
years to come. The care taken that their many sponsors as happy and well cared for is very 
impressive. The social side of the group with organised trips sounds lovely. 
2. They work with other local groups and work with local school children in a variety of ways was 
good to hear about. 
3. The group have really well managed compost heaps and are making tremendous efforts, 
including working with local firms, to harvest water. Bird boxes have been installed and bat boxes 
considered. Many recycled materials are used around the station. The group have built up a good 
relationship with the railway authorities 
4. The group are making tremendous efforts to make the public aware of their work and to recruits 
5. The gardens and planters around the station are certainly colourful and bright.